24x7 Website Maintenance

Building and Publishing websites is not the end of the line when it comes to website development. If the website is allowed to remain in its original form as it was when it was first published then it will come to be considered as a permanent template which might hinder the original goal of the website. So, in order to keep the website fresh, healthy and working so as to keep the existing clients engaged and attracting new clients, it is necessary that a website is up-kept & managed periodically & thus ensuring its smooth functioning.

The Benefits of Website Maintenance Includes

Keeping The Visitors And Potential Clients Attracted

For a website to achieve its goal it’s much important that it keeps attracting and engaging visitors who can get transformed into potential clients. Herein, the importance of website maintenance comes into the picture. Various types of websites have various maintenance criteria. Websites such as those relating to news, forums, events & fests and so on which are dynamic websites needs to be updated regularly. While those websites which are static in nature requires to be updated & maintained occasionally. The owners may feel the need to modify the contents, add or remove images, certain pages & files, update announcements & news and manipulate product list in case of business related sites as well as do some customization for some of their own requirements. All these facilitates the need for website maintenance.

Keeping The Website Free From Bugs & Other Threats

In order to keep the website continue to function smoothly especially those which may be required to run 24x7 rigorously, it is necessary thatthe site is free from bugs & other security threats. Problems such as files & images deletion, broken links, damaged files, attacks from hackers, issues arising out of unidentified bugs can result in serious headaches for a website’s owner. Website maintenance addresses these major issues & ensures proper functioning of the site.

Keeping The Website Active & Efficient In Search Engines

It is very important for a website to rank well in search engine and for that the website needs to be Search Engines Optimized. Search Engine Optimization or SEO needs websites to remain updated and is required to be managed on a regular basis as often new SEO techniques are seen to be found. Thus, for implementation of such new SEO techniques & to have better search engine results, a Website needs to be maintained.

Our Website Maintenance Services Includes

Proactive Dealings

We monitor a website for optimal performance. In case of critical situation of a Security Patch or Updating a Version crucial for a site’s security & proper functioning we offer best possible reliable maintenance support by trying to involving in proper discussion with the client, understanding the need & offering best time management to complete the work that needs to be done.

Systematic Processing of The Various Maintenance Works

From cleaning up jobs like broken links, bugs &faulty sections on a website, to content & services addition, updation or removal, to maintaining the site’s inter-activeness with new trends to optimizing & resizing images of a site to upgradation on software and plugins in Wordpress, Joomla, etc to backing up the files that will be edited in case of unforeseen issues to spell check the website’s content and testing links of the updated files on various browsers and devices to creating a report of changes done& doing the best possible search engine optimization of the site, we strive to complete all the different areas of Website Maintenance in the best possible way.

Reliable & Efficient Solutions

We make sure that the client doesn’t find himself/herself in a position of being concerned after giving us the responsibility. Handing over the job of maintaining the client’s site to us, the client can significantly reduce the headache & finance in looking for and hiring expensive full-time developers to manage, maintain & update the site as well as get over the burden of thinking of managing the site by himself/herself which might not be possible due to lack of time.Thus with great care we make sure that we can complete the Website Maintenance process in order to satisfy our clients fully.

Based on our knowledge on technologies such as HTML, CSS, Wordpress and & experiences in maintaining sites built using these technologies, we feel our team can do justice to a project & so we ask you not to hesitate in bringing any project to us that needs some maintenance work. We will analyze the project and will decide & let you know if we can proceed with the work or not.

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