Redesign Your Site

The matter of redesigning a site is being faced by a customer when the following important questions naturally comes in his or her mind

  • Is the current design meeting the changing needs of the world?
  • How is the current site performing in terms of attracting audience?
  • Will redesigning it reflect the personal & business goals expansion efficiently?

The answer to all these questions will eventually lead a customer to redesign a site.

With new trends arriving every now and then, the scenario is ever changing. The relevance of a web content is very short and thus most likely a current design is outdated. So, in order to keep up with the changing needs of the world, the website is required to be redesigned.

The Benefits of Redesigning A Site

Keep Existing Customers Engaged and Attracting New Clients.

Redesigning a site involves tweaking an existing site to keep it fresh and up to date by making it more interactive & user friendly applying newly evolving technologies thus keeping existing customers engaged giving them a positive assurance. Moreover, a robust & professional looking website builds a sense of trust in using a site especially when it is a business one. An appealing trendy site will make a strong base for customers who are willing to make transactions for business through the site. Redesigning a site is essential to keep up the trustworthiness among customers in current times when cyber-crime cases are increasing. Thus, it will allow attracting new audience and transform the visitors to clients.

Keep Focus On Business Growth & Clients Satisfaction

Over time a site can be bloated with content and addition of new pages makes navigation on an old site tricky and unclear. A proper redesign of a site can structure existing content with new ones systematically, cleaning the site of unnecessary junks and thus help managing the site in a clear manner focusing on the current strategy.

Keeping Up With The Modern Technology.

Many sites of past and even recent past have been unable to cope up with the current ways of distributing & viewing a web site using new technologies. In these times, websites are viewed across various devices and aren’t limited to only Desktops or Laptops. So, it’s important for these sites to be platform independent. These sites needs to be optimised for mobile devices. A website that was created even two-three years ago most likely aren’t optimised for the recent revolution of smartphone & tablet devices. Redesigning a site will involve creating a responsive version of a desktop site that can be viewed in different devices or a site made only for mobile platform with specific pages.

Our redesigning services highlights all above mentioned benefits and involves the following refreshing the client’s online presence -
Initial Discussion With Clients

In this stage we hold a discussion session with the client when the client puts before us the issues with the existing site & what changes the client expects to take place. Here we grasp the overall requirements from the client.

Analyzing The Existing Site

This is the stage where we analyze the existing site. Each and every aspect of the site is analyzed by going through it. All the features of the current site is then examined with particular attention being paid on its functionality and its efficiency on the search engine. After that we check the current graphics and images for improvement during actual redesigning process. Overall, the advantages and disadvantages of the existing site are noted in this stage.

Further Interaction With The Client

In this stage the client is provided with the overview of what was examined by us during the analysis stage. Then we ask the client for his further feedback and also note down what special requirements the client wishes to see in the redesigned site and what goals s(he) has in mind with respect to the redesigned site. Thus at the end of this step we become confident of what changes are required to be made in the existing site and have in front of us a proper plan for the project.

Actual Redesigning Process

The main redesigning process starts in this stage. Our team which consists of experienced and well-trained web developers based on the plan resulting out of the previous stage initiates the actual redesigning of the site. We try our best to develop the expected product as best as we can so as to satisfy the client.

Showcasing The End Product

Finally, the end product, the redesigned website is put forward in front of the client for demonstration. Thus with utmost care & sincerity we complete the whole redesigning process of an existing website.

Therefore, considering all these if you feel the need to redesign your site, taking our team’s service & deciding to contact us, would be a fruitful thing to do.

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